The Rustic Renegade
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The Rustic Renegade


The Rustic Renegade

A place where honor reigns supreme. If you’re like us you’re tired of the box stores that line us up like cattle. Come and check out something from a different time; we aren’t your average store. Whether its firearms, concealment furniture, Black Rifle Coffee or a new auto knife we can guide you to the right decision.



Found my new place for guns, knives and coffee. Caleb is an expert on guns and can tell me the history of just about any gun. Wow, the coffee is something else.
— Jack Thomas
I was looking for an OTF auto knife and thank God I found Rustic. They had more than a few to choose from and multiple brands. I ended up with a Heritic Cleric.
— Jim Reeves
Finally, a place where a man can be a man.
— Stephen
The Black Rifle Coffee is powerful. Don’t forget to try the CaF.
— Bob



Every product we sell is something we believe in. We have tested or used every last thing in the store. If it makes it past us it can make it to you.



About Me

MY NAME IS Caleb Morse

I started this place to bring together men. Sharing Ideas, information, technology. Whether you are looking for a firearm, or wanting to see the latest in knives, we have it all. 

Caleb Morse